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About the Artist

As I sit in my studio, I often recall the words that someone very wise once said: "It takes two people to make a painting - the artist, and the person with the gun to shoot him before he overdoes it." I’m proud to say that some of my paintings hang in prominent art collections, and no one has had to shoot me yet!
—Robert Sherman

In addition to being a fine painter, Robert Sherman is world famous for his work in the Academy Award winning songwriting team The Sherman Brothers. He has written some of the best-loved family oriented music, including CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG, Disney's MARY POPPINS, WINNIE THE POOH and JUNGLE BOOK. He also wrote the most translated and performed song on earth, “It’s a Small World (After All)”. Robert Sherman’s career spans almost 50 years, and includes winning 2 Academy Awards and 9 nominations, 2 Grammy Awards, 23 gold and platinum albums and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Robert Sherman began work as a painter in the 1940’s while studying art and literature at Bard College in New York. His creativity moves easily between painting and music. For him, there is a strong link between these two processes. In fact, he describes his songs as “word pictures.”

"You come on like a dream, peaches and cream, lips like strawberry wine."
—"You’re Sixteen", the Sherman Brothers

Robert Sherman saw and experienced some terrible, tragic things during his years of service in World War II. He was there at Omaha Beach during the early waves of attack, was the very first American soldier at the “liberation” of the Dachau prison camp, and was seriously wounded. He had seen enough ugliness for a lifetime, and forever turned away from it. He embraced the beautiful things of life with a renewed fervor, and his desire to create beauty – whether it be through painting, sculpture, stories or songs – became his primary motivation.

The Legendary Songwriter


Robert Sherman of The Academy Award™ winning song writing team the SHERMAN BROTHERS, is one of the foremost composer-lyricists in family entertainment today. The Sherman Brother's most famous song, IT'S A SMALL WORLD (AFTER ALL) was written for the New York World's Fair in 1964. Since then, it has become the most translated and performed song on earth. But this was far from the beginning of the Sherman Brothers' incredible musical legacy.

The Sherman Brothers won 2 Academy Awards™ for Disney's MARY POPPINS which includes the songs SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS, FEED THE BIRDS, and the Oscar™ winner, CHIM CHIM CHER-EE.

The Sherman Brothers have since earned 9 Academy Award™ nominations, 2 Grammy™ Awards and an incredible 23 gold and platinum albums.

Currently the Sherman Brothers are working on new material for CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG: THE STAGE MUSICAL which debuts in London at the Palladium Theatre April 16, 2002.

In 1973, they made history by becoming the only Americans ever to win 1st Prize at the Moscow Film Festival. The award, which is the Russian equivalent to the Oscar, was bestowed to the Shermans for THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER for which they penned both script and songs.

In 1976, THE SLIPPER AND THE ROSE was selected for Great Britain's annual Royal Command Performance. This film similarly features both screenplay and songscore by the Shermans.

Their numerous other Disney and Non-Disney top box office film credits include CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG, THE JUNGLE BOOK, THE ARISTOCATS, THE PARENT TRAP, CHARLOTTE'S WEB, THE MANY ADVENTURES OF WINNIE THE POOH, SNOOPY COME HOME, BEDKNOBS AND BROOMSTICKS and LITTLE NEMO, ADVENTURES IN SLUMBERLAND. Each of these films also shares the distinction of having made the top ten list in video sales at some point since 1993. This goes to show that 'box office' usually follows quality.

On Broadway, their 1974, Tony™ nominated hit, OVER HERE! was the largest grossing original Broadway musical of that year. It starred John Travolta, Mary Lou Henner, Treat Williams and the Andrew Sisters. The Shermans have also written numerous top-ten hits including Annette Funicello's TALL PAUL and PINEAPPLE PRINCESS. The Sherman Brothers' song YOU'RE SIXTEEN carries the unique distinction of having twice gone to Billboard's #1 spot: Once with Johnnie Burnette and then an unprecedented second time with Ringo Starr.

The Sherman Brothers have penned many of the EPCOT CENTER, TOKYO DISNEYLAND, and EURO DISNEYLAND songs and continue to work on many Disney theme park projects to this day.

They composed two gold record CABBAGE PATCH KIDS albums (1984,86). They have contributed songs to the TV series THE ENCHANTED MUSICAL PLAYHOUSE (1985-87), WELCOME TO POOH CORNER (1983-95), TIMBERWOOD TALES (1992-94) and HARRY ANDERSON'S SIDESHOW special (1988) which featured the haunting song CANVAS, SAWDUST & DREAMS. In 1993 the Sherman Brothers wrote THE WONDERWORLD SONG for Eddie Murphy's BEVERLY HILLS COP III. Upon the invitation of the film's director, John Landis, the brothers also made a cameo appearance in the film as well. Similarly, classic films including AMERICAN GRAFFITI, RADIO FLYER, THE FABULOUS BAKER BOYS and THE LION KING all include cameo appearances of Sherman Brothers' songs within their respective soundtracks.

In 1984 MARY POPPINS became the second best selling video of all time garnering the Sherman Brothers a GoldenVideo Cassette Award. In 1985, Disney CEO Michael Eisner awarded the brothers Disney's highest honor: the coveted 'Mouscar' Award; in front of the largest attendance on record at the Hollywood Bowl.

The Shermans have also been inducted into the Disney Living Legends' Hall of Fame. They were honored in 1991 with BMI's (Broadcast Music, Incorporated) Lifetime achievement Award and share a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame directly across from the Mann's Chinese Theater where Mary Poppins first debuted.

In 1998 the Shermans wrote songs for the highly publicized NEW TOMORROWLAND at Disneyland. That same year Warner Brothers released THE MIGHTY KONG, an animated musical feature based on the classic King Kong story.

In 1999, Camphor Tree Publishers released the Sherman Brothers' new autobiographical book entitled, WALT'S TIME (FROM BEFORE TO BEYOND). The Shermans have enjoyed performing, speaking and answering questions at dozens of book signings for fans across the country.

The Brothers have wrote and produced the songscore for an all new motion picture feature: THE TIGGER MOVIE. This marks the Shermans' fifth Winnie The Pooh film for Disney and coincided with a 150 million dollar, worldwide Pooh campaign including new Winnie the Pooh rides in several of the Disney theme parks.

The Sherman Brothers are currently co-developing INKAS THE RAMFERINKAS with Redstring Productions. INKAS is an original, animated, musical feature film for which the Shermans have authored both the story and screenplay as well as a nine song songscore. Overseeing many of the creative aspects, INKAS has proven to be one of the most "hands on" productions in the Sherman Brothers' careers. They have enjoyed their collaboration with Redstring Productions and consider their work together to be among their finest and most rewarding to date.

Robert and Richard Sherman (Bob and Dick) were born the sons of popular Tin Pan Alley songwriter, Al Sherman. Al was famous for composing standards like "YOU'VE GOTTA BE A FOOTBALL HERO" and "POTATOES ARE CHEAPER, TOMATOES ARE CHEAPER, NOW'S THE TIME TO FALL IN LOVE!".

Robert Sherman's father Al also authored Maurice Chevalier's first big American hit "LIVING IN THE SUNLIGHT, LOVING IN THE MOONLIGHT". But perhaps Al 's greatest achievement was in the teaming up of his sons to form one of the most successful and enduring song writing partnerships in music history.

Robert Sherman is a war hero. During his tour of service in World War II, from 1943 to 1945, Bob received the Purple Heart, the Combat Infantry Badge, and two battle stars. He was there at Omaha Beach during the early waves of attack, and also holds the distinction of being the very first American soldier at the liberation of the Dachau prison camp.

During the war Robert Sherman endured some very horrible experiences. He took a bullet to his knee and would never again participate in the sports activities he had loved. In the war, he saw terrible, tragic things. He came back changed. Robert Sherman had seen enough ugliness for a lifetime, and forever turned away from it. He embraced the beautiful things of life with a renewed fervor, and his desire to create beauty - whether it be through painting, sculpture, stories or songs - became his primary motivation.

In addition to working on new material for CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG: THE STAGE MUSICAL which will debut in London at the Palladium Theatre in 2002, Robert Sherman is busy creating his colorful, imaginative paintings, as he has for the past five decades.

Robert Sherman’s artwork will be exhibited at Thompsons Gallery in London the same week as the premiere of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang the stage musical. Following the London exhibition, his art will also be shown in several prestigious galleries in the United States.

Robert B. Sherman and Richard M. Sherman visiting their star on Hollywood's "Walk Of Fame". (May 1999)

Sherman Bros. with Walt Disney in a promotional film for the New York World's Fair. (1964)

MARY POPPINS: Richard, Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke and Robert hitching a ride on Cherry Tree Lane.

AND THE WINNER IS: Robert, John Williams & Richard seen here working on the arrangment for Tom Sawyer In 1974 the threesome shared an Academy Award Nomination for their efforts.

THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL: Performing to sold out crowds of over 17 thousand people twelve different times over a period of four years.

DISNEY LEGENDS AWARDS: Robert, Roy Disney, Jr., Michael Eisner (Disney CEO) & Richard.

Sherman Brothers Autobiography


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